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The question I get the most from my followers is what type of cages do I recommend for beginners. 

Before I begin, check out this article to find out about getting your measurements.

When it's time to choose a cage the first thing I look for is the design–I can't wear an ugly cage, I just can't… A beautiful fitting cage will make you want to keep it on longer.

I don't like quirky designs. I have seen a cage that shaped like a dragon, but they look silly. I tend to go for something minimalist with as little components as possible since you want to put it on easily; another feature that I seek is comfort–needless to say, this feature is very important. 

Please keep in mind that is not recommended for first-time chastity users to purchase custom cages as figuring out the measurement is a tedious process and you don't even know if this is something you want to wear long term. 

Here's what you can find nowadays in the chastity market:


I bought a metal version on Amazon because of the simplistic and cool look, little did I knew it is not recommended to get metal on your first try because of its weight and the drag can hurt your private area.

This cage was uncomfortable and in real-life the design looks too chunky too to fit under my pants, the ring was too big, it slipped while I slept; putting it on was a bit confusing because it has 6 components.

I didn't do a lot of research before getting the CB Series because I didn't know much about the different types of cages there were in the market.

I continued to do my research to find the right cage–think of it like dating, If at first you didn't succeed, dust yourself off then try again. Even though it didn't work for me but some guys told me that they like it so do some research on the measurements to see if it is something you want to get for your first cage.

My second try was the best for me, the Holy Trainer.

I really like the Holy Trainer because it's aesthetically beautiful and comfortable, it has a built-in lock, so it doesn't clang against the cage making a sound. This cage has only two main components, so putting it on was super easy. It doesn't do a good job at preventing pull out though–I learned that if it isn't a belt then the chances of being able to pull out are pretty high.

If you don't want a belt then you can get a Prince Albert. Holy Trainer has a version designed for people with a PA, that will definitely prevent pull out. The Holy Trainer costs around $165 USD and while it isn't a cheap buy, it is a great cage to own.

The Holy Trainer company recently introduced new sizes to accommodate a larger demographic. 

I have never tried this cage but I have seen a lot of guys rocking them out. It's good for guys who are uncircumcised since it's an open design. The big gland allows space for guys with lots of foreskin or guys with a thick dick. They have three sizes: big, small and micro.

Apparently, they advertised that their cages prevent pull out. They have some type of technology that when you wear it the material would mold around your genital and prevents the wearer from cheating. I don't own this so I'm not certain if it'll work but give it a try and let me know or get me one and I'll give you a review. The design looks promising, the only feature I don't like is the lock. I just hate any cages with a lock hanging on the outside. If they had a built in design then I would totally own one.

This cage is really good for guys with big dicks. I don't have any experience with this cage because I don't have a big dick so this cage wouldn't fit me. From my observation, most guys like it. If you have a big cock then this cage is a good start for you.



I've seen this cock cage a lot on the internet. It's one of the worst designs because it protrudes and it allows so many erections to happen which defeats the purpose of wearing a chastity cage. Just look at the picture. Not to mention it's ugly. I don't recommend it to anybody.


I don't own this cage, I tried it on once and I hated it. The flaw is the ring. It is way too thick which pushes your balls and cock out in a weird way that will make it super uncomfortable to wear. I don't recommend this cage to anybody so you don't need to know the name of the website. My friend who owns it also hates it so it's a definite no. The people who designed this don't know anything about anatomy.


Do not get a urethral insert cage for your first cage. There is a specific way for you to clean the tube and learning how to wear it comfortably. If you don't take care of it well then you can get an infection. On your first cage you will have to learn to get used to the ring, the cage, the night time erections and others, if you add in a urethral insert it would be just too much to handle at once. Only get this feature once you've learned to master your first cage.

Don't get these beautiful but unpractical designs. They just look stupid to me. I have tried them on, they look silly. I was turned off actually.