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Congratulations! You've taken the step to try chastity and the eroticism that it can bring into your sex life – the next step is to properly measure yourself for a chastity cage. 

There are two types of chastity cages – mass produced and custom made. If this is your first time dipping your feet into chastity kink, then I don't recommend custom-made cages since they are quite an investment; you should only consider this option once you have had enough experience with this fetish.

The mass market has plenty of cages and designs; for instance, the CB Series, which are the most popular (but uncomfortable), or the HolyTrainer, which is the one I own. Because manufacturers produce these cages in mass quantities, chances are the cage you’ll get won't fit you precisely, and that is totally understandable – it can be a little off and will still work just fine, so don’t worry.

When choosing a chastity cage, it's very important to take your time in order to capture the correct measurements, otherwise the cage can cause discomfort. A chastity cage typically has a few major parts:  

  1. The ring (like a cock ring)
  2. The length of the tube (corresponds to the length of your soft dick)
  3. The inside diameter of the tube (corresponds to the girth of your penis)
  4. The gap between the ring and the tube


Your ring measurement is very important, because if it’s too loose, the cage won't stay on; if it’s too tight, you'll cut off your circulation, and it could also make it difficult to urinate. 

To get the most accurate measurement, you will need thread or string that measures about 12 inches; in order to get an accurate measurement, the string should be a type that doesn't stretch. Use white thread or string so you can mark on it; if you use black thread or string, you won’t be able to see ink marks. The thickness of the string is also important – it shouldn't be too thin and it shouldn't be too thick. 

I would recommend choosing something similar to the thickness of the cage's ring itself, and a round string is more accurate than a flat string. Do not use measuring tape because the tape is flat and bulky and will make it difficult to get an accurate measurement.

Wrap the string around your balls and penis, similar to wearing a cock ring – make a slight double-knot. Place your pinkie finger under the string; if you can slide your pinkie in easily, then it's too loose.If you have difficulty sliding it in, then it's too tight. It should feel just right, tight enough so that it doesn't slip off and loose enough for blood flow. The string should feel comfortable and it should allow your urine to exit the urethra. 

Now close the knot. 

Now, while wearing the string, go back to doing regular activities such as cooking, walking, sitting, pushups, etc. Don't just stand there and wait. The act of doing an activity will relax your mind – if you focus on the string, your balls will tighten and you could get an erection that will mess up your measurement.Take a mental note of how you're feeling: “Is it too tight? Too loose? Does it cut off circulation? Does it feel fine?” Look at the color of your balls and dick: “Do I see a change of color? Can I piss just fine?” Use your judgement and adjust the string accordingly. 

After 15 minutes of wearing the string, mark the spot on the string at the knot to record the length, and untie. Take note of the measurement – you can also cut the string with a pair of scissors. 

When you are ready, do the entire measurement again using the technique above but with a different string. If you don't have an extra string then use a different colored pen to mark the spot. Wait for a couple of hours to measure again because, depending on where you live the temperature may vary during the course of the day, which can have an effect on your size. 

Repeat this method over the next few days. Yes, days. Why? Because your genitals on a hot day will be different than on a cold day. 

Gather your measurements, then average them out. When finished, this will be the circumference of the ring. You can use the circumference to get the diameter.  

There are two types of rings: round and oval. Oval will be more comfortable since it will offer a bit more space underneath to accommodate the hanging of your testicles and spermatic cords. Also take into consideration the materials, plastic vs metal. Plastic is lighter while metal is heavier – I recommend plastic for beginners. 

Since your first cage won’t be custom made, you will have to settle with what the manufacturers offer. If your measurement falls between two ring sizes, it is best to order the two rings as you figure out what size is best for you, and this will save you shipping charges. Some people prefer wearing a tighter ring, while others prefer wearing a bigger ring, so it’s good to have both. On a cold day, as the penis tightens up you can use your bigger ring. On a warmer day when your penis is hanging down, you can use your smaller ring. For first-timers, the confinement feeling can be very awkward to embrace, so a bigger ring makes it less frustrating. As you get used to the feeling and your mind starts to embrace the mentality of chastity play, you most likely will prefer the smaller ring. 


This is a bit less complicated than the ring size, but I need to reiterate the fact that you cannot measure your dick when hard – it defeats the purpose of chastity play, it isn’t a size contest. Do not get a cage with enough space to accommodate your hard-ons; the whole point of chastity play is to suppress your erections and give the control to your partner. 

Since the penis can shrink and expand significantly depending on the temperature or the situation, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Don't measure right after a shower or swimming; wait for 1 to 1.5 hours, then you can proceed.
  2. Take measurements at different times of day then average them out; measuring at room temperature is best. 
  3. Put your ego away – you must be 100% flaccid. Measure when you're at your smallest and please don't lie to yourself.
  4. Know the difference between soft vs shriveled; you should know your usual smallest stage. 
  5. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate. You can be a bit off and it should be fine.  
  6. After you have averaged your measurements and get the final number, subtract between 1/4 and 1/2 inches to make it snug; trust me, it feels good when it’s a bit snug. This might sound weird, but smaller tubes are more comfortable.

The act of measuring can get you aroused, which can mess up your measurement. Think of something not sexy. Play classical music, do something you don’t find sexual, imagine Donald Trump fucking you or something.

When taking the measurement of the tube, do not sit down, stand up straight. Place the edge of the ruler against the base of your penis and lay it flat on the top of your penis. To prevent any belly fat from getting in the way and messing up your measurement, press the ruler firmly against your pubic bone. The number you’re looking for should record the length starting from the pelvis to the tip of the penis. 


This is the girth of your cock when soft. 100% flaccid. This is the easiest measurement.

Take a string and wrap it around the midpoint of your cock; do it a few times until you’re comfortable you got the right measurement. Average them out to get the final number; that will be your circumference. Use Google to calculate the diameter from the circumference measurement.


The gap is the space between the ring and the opening of the tube. 

If you have high and tight balls then the gap should be wider to accommodate the extra skin. If you have low hanging balls then you will need a smaller gap. The smaller gap is also good if you have small balls since the gap prevents your balls from slipping. 

Your gap space can change if you practice chastity play on a regular basis because the cage will stretch the skin; as time goes by, there will come a day when you’ll need a cage with a smaller gap. 

Since your first cage won’t be custom made, look at the design of the cage you want to purchase and ask yourself if the gap is good enough for your testicles. 


The color of your cage can have an effect on your mind. For example:

Black is sexy because it conceals everything – it’s frustrating not to be able to see your own cock. 

Clear is hot because you can see it but you can’t play with it. 

Pink is a sissy color that reminds you of your place in the Dom/Sub relationship. 


There are two types of locks – one with the lock hanging and the other one with an integrated lock. 

The Holy Trainer has an integrated lock that won’t bang when you walk, while the CB Series and other devices have a hanging lock. If you’re bothered by the sound of the lock flicking against the cage, you can use a rubber band to hold it together. 


A properly fitting cage should hug the penis like a glove. Your cock should touch all sides and the tip of the cage. The urethra should align with the opening for easy urination, and chances are you will have to sit down to pee. Enjoy the humiliation it brings.  

Get a cage that is close to the diameter of your penis; as for the length make sure to subtract 1/4 inches to 1/2 inches of the actual flaccid penis length, and a shorter cage fits better and is more comfortable, as long as it isn’t too short. 

It’ll take your body about 2 weeks to get used to the device; the body is very adaptive to changes so give it time. 

You must shave smooth or the cage will pull the hair, and you must moisturize with either natural nut oils or my very own body cream with my own formula that retains moisture longer than typical lotion. Don’t use lube or chemical products; what I’ve noticed about lotions is that they dry really fast. Wearing a cage that isn’t lubricated is like a car with no oil. 

Use this link for instructions on how to put on the cage the easy way:

Click here

Chances are you will not get the perfect-fitting cage on your first try. Don’t let this deter you from discovering the joy of chastity fetish and enjoying the benefits that it can bring. Finding the right cage is like dating. Just because the first few dates didn’t work doesn’t mean you should give up finding your Prince Charming. Also, if you end up getting the wrong cage, don't throw it away. Add the cage to your own collection so you can play with your fuck buddy who wants to experience chastity play.