As an admirer of @Bubblegumbutt for his daring public scenes, I asked him if he could write an article that he could share to readers about having fun in public without getting caught. This article he had written offers so many insights and helpful advice. I highly recommend reading this piece before venturing on your next public play. 




In this guide I'll be giving you a list of things to keep in mind when you're planning on getting naked in a public setting. I'll mostly be presupposing that you'll be getting completely naked, so if you're just thinking of jerking off with the rest of your clothes still on, then the process will be much simpler for you and might not require as much forethought. I put together this list based on my personal experience, as well as by learning from other exhibitionists on Twitter.

Lastly, my intention when engaging in public nudity is to avoid getting seen by others directly or getting caught, which is the main intent behind most of the points on this list. Exhibitionism is a huge turn on for me, but mostly from the feeling of being naked out in the open, where we're usually restricted by clothes. There is of course the thrill of getting caught, but I wouldn't ever want to push my own sexuality on a stranger who does not consent to seeing me engage in sexual activity. Hope this helps you explore your nudist side safely and responsibly!


Whenever you go out for a walk, bike ride, or when you're driving, keep an eye out for areas that aren't very highly populated.

There are areas that are right next to highly trafficked places that will be pretty much completely empty, or that are out of commuters' common line of sight. Some examples are back alleys, small streets that don't get a lot of passersby, or even small areas in public parks. There's also some very open public areas that might be really busy at certain times of the day, but completely empty at other times.

I’m not really sure how old I was when I got the gift for Christmas, but I remember thinking it was a pretty impressive piece of electronic hardware. It was really cool looking



Once you've found a spot that seems viable, make sure to scout the area. Familiarise yourself a bit with the surroundings as well. If possible, go there at different times of the day, noticing when people pass by there most often. Keep an eye out for every place that a person would see you from if they were passing by (and where they Wouldn't see you). If you're by a business, look for where their cameras are.

Try to think about alternate routes that you could take to get away from that location if you got caught. If there's only one way to get in and out of that location, it's riskier to get caught because you won't have an escape route. Speaking of escape routes, depending on how you got to your chosen location, yo u might want to park your vehicle out of sight. If you get caught by someone who cares enough to report you to the police, (or if you're caught by security cameras), you don't want them to be able to see your license plates, or if you have a distinct looking bike. 



As previously mentioned, if you're going to engage in public nudity by or in a business, you want to keep an eye out for security cameras. Depending on the business, some security cameras are just for show. Some are only meant to record video and won't get looked at by anyone unless they're specifically looking for activity that already happened the night before. Some cameras are being actively monitored by security, and some cameras will notify a business owner to their phone if they catch movement, and the owner will be able to see you in real time from their phone. It's important to keep all of these possibilities in mind to help you weigh the risks and build a good strategy around them.


Part of what makes public nudity risky is not just getting caught, but WHO might catch you. Depending on the particular place or your general area, some people will be more conservative than others. If you're caught close to family venues (like schools or parks), a mama bear won't hesitate to call the cops. Even worse, if someone is self-righteous enough, they may even try to confront you themselves. It's safer to do it somewhere where you're pretty sure most people will be too lazy or unbothered to call the cops or make a big deal about it. Some people will literally just pass you by and just ignore you. Especially if you're by a road where people only drive by, people are less likely to literally stop their car just to point their finger at you.


Ironically when planning on going streaking, it helps to think about what you're going to wear when you're out. It's harder to be able to take off all your clothes in public quickly if you're wearing a button up with tight jeans and a belt. Worse yet is trying to put all those clothes back on quickly if you got caught and need to make a getaway. Choose clothes that will be easy to just slip on and off. Like basketball shorts, sweatpants, and just a good old t-shirt or hoodie. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, or are thin enough that you can keep them on when you take off your pants or shorts. If you pick the second option you won't have to worry about walking around barefoot if the terrain is unsanitary or hazardous. Don't wear underwear or socks if you don't have to or unless you're into it. It's just another article of clothing to worry about that could just make you waste more time.


You want to avoid having anything with you that you don't want to lose if it accidentally falls out of your pocket while you're taking off your clothes. Make sure that things like your keys, phone, and wallet are secure in a designated pocket, or inside a backpack if you bring one. Another thing you could keep in a backpack is a dildo. You can prelube your hole while still at home or prelube the dildo and keep it in a Ziploc bag. The Ziploc bag will also be useful for putting the dildo back into after you've used it, to make sure you don't get anything else in your backpack wet. Easier still is to just go out with a butt plug already inserted; just make sure to prelube your hole adequately in case you want to pull it in and out.

I’m not really sure how old I was when I got the gift for Christmas, but I remember thinking it was a pretty impressive piece of electronic hardware. It was really cool looking


Despite this long list of factors to plan ahead for, the most important of all which they all rely on or are trumped by, is timing.

There are times when the opportunity will just present itself. Suddenly you're in a half empty train cart with everyone facing their back to you. Or you're walking home from the bars and there's no one in this empty parking lot. Sometimes I'll spend 5 to 10 minutes in an empty public spot just going over my list of factors, and the chance will slip me by because I took too long thinking. When I could have easily stripped, jacked off, and put my clothes back on within that time.

How long is it really gonna take you to whip it out for a quick jackoff before someone even walks by? Even if you strip completely naked and someone sees you, how long would it Actually take for cops to arrive if someone called 911 on you? If there's security cameras, how long would it take for security to come try to get you?

A lot of it comes down to being able to act quickly. Be quick in taking your clothes off and back on, and have quick reactions and quick thinking when someone approaches. 

Still, try not to be too brash or reckless. 


Part of the fun of exhibitionism is getting to post it online. If you're lucky enough to have someone with you who can just record you, that's usually the best option. With a camera man that's one less thing for you to worry about, and they'll be able to take better shots of you from afar and at different angles. It's also pretty hot to have someone witnessing you in the act and recording it, which helps boost your confidence if you're nervous, and makes you feel less vulnerable knowing you won't be alone in case you're caught.

If you'd rather record your adventure by yourself, here's some things that you can do. The simplest is to just use your phone from your hand selfie style. The drawback to this method is that depending on where you are you might not be able to show so clearly the setting that you are in AND your naked body/cock all at the same time. So you'll have to move the camera around so that you can get your body in from different angles in the location, and also pan the camera around so that viewers can get a sense of where you are and who else might be around.

The second option is to lay your phone down somewhere either on the ground or on top of something so that you can walk out a bit more and this way you can be fully in the frame and the viewer can see your whole body in the setting. For this option you'll need something to recline your phone against, so it's easier when you have some kind of phone accessory that lets you stand your phone up on its own.

Sometimes you'll find that you'll end up wasting a lot of valuable time trying to make your phone stay up in a good angle, so something I've found to be very useful is that you can get small tripods that are roughly the size of an adult hand, which is extremely portable and could even fit in your pocket. This makes it much easier to just pull it out and set up your phone, and not have to worry about finding a brick or rock to recline your phone on. Furthermore, if you specifically like exhibitionism in venues like public bathrooms, there are small phone stands that are meant to be used for car windows for when you're driving, and these are really useful because they have a suction cup that works on smooth surfaces. The better the quality you get for these the better because if they're really cheap they won't stick to certain materials, such as the type of plastic that bathroom stalls are made of. These are especially cool because since they can be attached to walls you can get creative with the angle that you set up your camera, so you can do POV from above or from below. I usually just use this instead of a tripod because even if I can't attach it to any surfaces of whatever location I'm on, even if I just set it on the ground the stand gives my phone enough stability that I can get a good angle from the ground or just setting it on top of a car hood or trash can.

Another cool trick that I learned recently is if you have a bike, you can get bike attachments that let you strap your phone to the bike's handle so you can have it in front of you while riding. This allows your bike to essentially function as your tripod, and it makes things so easy because you never have to take your phone off your bike.

I’m not really sure how old I was when I got the gift for Christmas, but I remember thinking it was a pretty impressive piece of electronic hardware. It was really cool looking


Keep your eyes and ears open from all of your surroundings but especially from the places people come and go by the most. Try to notice the rhythm at which people pass by; sometimes you can even average the time from one person walking by to when the next will come just by counting in your head. This will help you average how much time you have to work with, and if it's enough to go through with or not. Lay your clothes in a way that's going to make it easy for you to put them back on quickly.


I hope this was helpful or interesting for you! Thank you for reading all the way through, and if you have any tips of your own I'd love to hear them! You can find me on Twitter at where you can also see clips from some of my exhibitionist escapades.

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Lastly a huuuuge thank you to my hero Cagedjock for letting me share my kink on his platform! You're an inspiration!