This technique has been a fantasy of mine for many years. I was very happy that my new favorite bottom Nate Stetson made it a dream come true. I told him about my fantasy and he was eager to try it out with me. 

If you’re looking to try out chopstick stretching, I highly recommend it for several reasons:

  1. It’s cheap and convenient.
  2. It’s not intimidating like using a dildo or a butt plug.
  3. Anyone, regardless of experience, can do it.
  4. It’s very effective. You basically start stretching one stick at a time.

Now, to do it safe and to prevent injuries of any kind, there are some steps for you to follow. 




I highly recommend to purchase them in store because you can test the quality.

I went to an Asian supermarket in NYC. As I found them, I took some out of the package to feel the material and the smoothness of the tip; that’s very important, you can’t feel the quality if you buy them online but if you don’t have access to an in-person purchase then online ordering will be fine. 




You should get either plastic or metal. Metal will be more expensive but if you have a deep pocket then go for it. 

Needless to say, you shouldn’t buy wooden ones cause of splinters. 




I used 71 sticks to stretch Nate and he’s actually a tight bottom. Get as many as you like depending on your stretching goal. Make sure you keep track of your progress. If you used 50 on yourself today then make it your goal to reach 55 or 60 next session. Also, if you plan to play with a bottom buddy then you’ll have to have extra so you two can play. I think 100 sticks would be a good start. 




The night before, I inspected every single chopstick to make sure the tip is smooth. I put aside the good pile and the bad pile. Don’t throw away the bad pile as you can put the sticks in the middle once he’s already expanded. 




Do some foreplay. Nothing is worse than skipping foreplay and jump into hole stretching. 

Kiss him, eat his ass, fondle him, make love to his hole. 

This is very important: fuck him or use a dildo on him so that you can push his intestines out of the way, basically clear the path so that nothing can obstruct the chopsticks from going in. I would suggest to use a long dildo and keep fucking him for a good 5-10 minutes. 

Then lubricate his hole and begin to slide in one chopstick at a time. Go slow and gentle. Push the chopstick not too deep but deep enough so that they won’t fall because once a bunch have gone in gravity will pull them down. I made a mistake of putting the chopsticks in not deep enough and I had to keep on holding onto them the entire time while playing.

Once you have used all the good smooth chopsticks then you can proceed to use the rough edged ones as long as you stick them in the center instead of on the side because that would tear his skin. 

This chopstick stretching method is extremely erotic and effective. It’s also exciting because it’s new. You don’t need a lot of experience to do this since you’re basically starting with a really small stick and work your way up one by one. It’s not intimidating like sticking a big dildo up your hole. 

Keep track of your progress so you know add a few extra sticks each time. Compete with your buddies to see how many sticks you can handle. The possibilities are endless with this game.